Collection: MakeATX

MakeATX is a member-based design + fabrication workshop and custom laser cutting studio in East Austin. Founded in 2011, the workshop has three magical and versatile laser cutters, computers, software, and an ample workspace designed to help Austinites make stuff. Kristen von Minden and Eve Trester-Wilson founded MakeATX with the belief that access to the proper equipment and workspace would not only allow them to create beautiful objects with our tools and our hands, but would also enable other makers to do the same. MakeATX is now a thriving workspace full of like-minded members, sharing resources, techniques, and serving as an incubator for both business and design innovation. A note from MakeATX: "MakeATX is proud to be part of the landscape that makes up Austin, and we look forward to seeing you all again when the dust has settled. Stay safe!"