Collection: Lazarus Brewing Co.

Life begins in gardens. At least that is where it did for the founders of Lazarus. What started with vegetables turned into hops, which turned into a collaboration with a brewery in Montana that led to their first beer, All Souls Ale. Soon the idea for their own brewery became a reality, and they built their own 10 barrel system with a cozy taproom in the heart of East Austin. With delicious brews on tap, the neighborhood welcomed Lazarus with open arms. The taproom now features 6 “flagship” beers in addition to a host of rotating features and special releases. Lazarus is open all day, roasting their own coffee and serving housemade breakfast tacos. “We're not trying to change the world, but we are trying to change here - to make our little neighborhood even better than it already is. Coffee, beer, and tacos can help.”